Our History

United ValueCare is a business founded on a sense of purpose. To revolutionize the way Health care is handled in America. To make health insurance companies obsolete. To Bring cutting edge technology to solve the crisis of skyrocketing cost in quality health care.

CEO Ron Jagannathan founded United ValueCare Health & United ValueCare Technologies in 2016. The two companies merged into United ValueCare in 2018.

After many years working in the Health IT arena as an Systems Architect,  Ron wanted to focus his efforts on innovating health and delivering excellence in HealthIT services, thoroughly learning about their clients’ business, building relationships, providing expert advice, and doing right by their clients.

Why HealthIT revolution?

It is now nearly 50 years since we put a man on the moon. We’ve created aircraft that can easily break the sound barrier and spaceships that can reach Mars. We have microchips that are a few nano meter scale. We have an internet that enables us to communicate worldwide in seconds.  We have commercial aircraft that literally can fly themselves. In other words, the capabilities of human ingenuity are staggering, limitless and ongoing.
So why is it, in spite of a huge and very obvious national health crisis, that we are unable to stem the tide on human illness and suffering? Why is our attention being diverted to “affordable” health care when the real issue we need to pay attention to is “effective” health care?
How has it been possible for citizens of this country to devalue the incredible hard work and dedication of our nation’s physicians? And why will a patient leave a doctor’s office without a prescription and complain to their family and friends that the doctor didn’t do anything for them?
We are living in truly mad times. Spend about 30 minutes listening to the news and you cannot help but feel sadness and grief at what you are hearing. There is war, starvation, crime, pollution, ecological disasters and corruption at all levels of government. Capitalism has been a mixed blessing and curse since it is responsible for technological advancement and lifestyle enhancement, yet at the same time gives rise to greed. Greed always leaves victims in its wake. And the U.S. healthcare system is a system that has evolved from greed and control and leaves millions of unsuspecting Americans as victims of a system that truly does not have their best interests at heart.